HiveMind Still Alive

Posted on Donnerstag, 3rd Dezember, 2009

I just ran across Gaderian – a fork of the recently retired Apache HiveMind project. HiveMind was the IoC container of Tapestry 4 and was founded by Tapestry founder Howard M. Lewis Ship. In April 2009 the project has reached its end of life and has been moved to Apache Attic. The reason for dropping HiveMind was the difficulty of managing the release two complex frameworks.

HiveMind was my first experience with IoC and loved the project. Tapestry IoC is the IoC container for Tapestry 5 and is the successor of HiveMind. It was designed with session learned from HiveMind. The central concept in Tapestry IoC is to eliminate XML-driven approach of HiveMind and build an equivalent system around simple objects and methods.

However if you are a hard core HiveMind user and migrating to Tapestry IoC is not an option then Gaderian might be a project you should look at. The migration guide from HiveMind to Gaderian is available here.




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