Tapestry 5.0.19 released

Posted on Sonntag, 3rd Januar, 2010

I’m pleased to announce the Tapestry 5.0.19 Bug Fix release which contains a fix for TAP5-815, the second most popular Tapestry issue. If you are still a Tapestry 5.0.x user you should upgrade to 5.0.19 because we fixed a serious security bug in this release. The release also contains some performance improvements. Check out the release notes for further details.

The binaries are available for download here. In few days we are going to release Tapestry

Release Notes – Tapestry 5 – Version 5.0.19


  • [TAP5-815] – Asset dispatcher allows any file inside the webapp visible and downloadable
  • [TAP5-419] – Logging of component class transformations has typo in prefix
  • [TAP5-449] – @CleanupRender Render phase methods not always invoked
  • [TAP5-894] – Fix PartialMarkupDocumentLinkerTest.stylesheet_link()
  • [TAP5-936] – Tapestry wiki link links to nothing for locales other then en


  • [TAP5-417] – Tapestry Performance Improvements
  • [TAP5-762] – Upgrade Selenium dependencies to version 1.0.1
  • [TAP5-934] – Update javassist version + improve error reporting in OneShotLock


  • [TAP5-819] – remove ide-specific files from all sub-modules and add them to svn:ignore




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