Guest Lecture about Tapestry at University of Dortmund

Posted on Freitag, 8th Januar, 2010

University of DortmundJanuary 12th I’ll have the pleasure to guest lecture to Computer Science students at the University of Dortmund about Tapestry 5. This guest lecture takes place within the scope of the course name Web technologies that is held weekly by Prof. Dr. Dietmar Jannach.

I have a 90 minutes slot to show the students an alternative approach to create web applications. This guest lecture gives me an opportunity to demonstrate Tapestry to junior staff that is not biased by the standards of the industry. According to experience Computer Science students are eager to learn cool technologies. They judge the technologies by their easiness, power and elegance, not by buzz words.

What I’m going to show? First of all the fundamental concepts of Tapestry and how to get started. Then I’m going to show the difference to JSF. Furtunately Prof. Dr. Dietmar Jannach covered Servlets, JSPs and JSF in his lecture and I can expect some previous knowledge about Java web technologies. As always in my talks I’m going to show a lot of demos. Additionally I’ll be speaking about the management and development processes of open source projects at Apache Software Foundation.

Speaking at University of Dortmund is a honor for me because I studied Computer Science at this university. I remember the auditorium in which the lecture is taking place quite well. Some years ago I attended some lectures in this auditorium. This time I’ll be speaking and don’t have to pass any exams anymore.



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