Remote Page Pool Management

Posted on Freitag, 28th Mai, 2010

When talking about Tapestry I’m often asked about the proper page pool settings. It seems that a lot of Tapestry users bother their head about the proper settings. It’s hardly surprising me because you never know how many hits your application will be receiving. Thus my answer to the question is always: “It depends!”.

As of version 5.2 you don’t have to think about your page pool settings until your application is launched because you can modify these settings remotely. Tapestry registers a managed bean (MBean) with an MBean server. You can use JConsole to interact with the registered MBean. To enable the JMX agent for local access, you need to set the following system property when you start your web server:


When you start JConsole you will see an MBean registered by Tapestry.  This MBean has 4 writable properties:

  • SoftLimit corresponds to symbol tapestry.page-pool.soft-limit
  • SoftWait corresponds to symbol tapestry.page-pool.soft-wait
  • HardLimit corresponds to symbol tapestry.page-pool.hard-limit
  • ActiveWindow corresponds to symbol tapestry.page-pool.active-window

For more details about page pool settings read here and here. Also note that symbol tapestry.page-pool.hard-limit was deprecated in Tapestyr 5.2 because the number of request processing threads can also be configured by the servlet container.




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