First Impressions From Jazoon

Posted on Freitag, 4th Juni, 2010

The Jazoon 2010 is closed. I enjoyed the most of the talks and met some folks. My talk JavaServer Faces 2.0 vs. Tapestry 5 took place on Thursday, 3 June in the arena 7. Unfortunately my presentation will not be available as video since only talks in the largest arena 5 has been recorded. The slides of the talk are available here. However, I enjoyed the conference and will submit some presentation proposals next year again.

Directly after my talk Roger Kitains, a JSF co-specification lead, was giving a presentation Exploring HTML5 With JavaServer Faces 2.0. He was attending my presentation and I had the pleasure to discuss Tapestry and JSF with him. Roger told me he enjoyed my talk and was impressed by Tapestry. He likes Tapestry’s annotation-based approach and implicit type conversion which probably will be adapted in the upcoming JSF version.

Also Andy Bosch, another JSF guru, was attending my talk. He was impressed by the Live Class Reloading feature. Probably we’ll give together a JSF vs. Tapestry talk in the future. I believe that such a talk would be very funny. I would concentrate on Tapestry part and he would present JSF.

I also had a chance to meet Evgeni Kabanov, the founder and CTO of ZeroTurnaround, who gave an amazing talk on class loaders. I was interested in his talk and was not disappointed. We discovered Zurich together and had the pleasure to discuss the Live Class Realoading in Tapestry and JRebel during a dinner in a Japanese restaurant. By the way, if some of the readers is not using Tapestry but wants to be productive, you should give JRebel a try.

As summary of my talk I will publish a series of articles on JSF vs. Tapestry topic in order to share with you the result of my research.

Here are some pics which has been taken during my presentation.


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