Manning Publications translates my Tapestry 5 book

Posted on Freitag, 11th Juni, 2010

I’m pleased to announce the amazing news. Manning Publications Co. will translate my Tapestry 5 book into English. Tapestry folks have been waiting for a book on Tapestry 5 for a long time and I’m excited to finally move forward with this book.

We have a great team. Joachim Van der Auwera will translate the German copy into English. I’ll update the translated book with the Tapestry 5.2 contents. There is a lot of innovative stuff in the 5.2 trunk the world should know about. I’m also going to extend some chapters which were covered in the German version not in the depth. Maybe some of the articles from this blog will be available in the book. The German version has around 430 pages. The Manning book on Tapestry will get additional 50 – 70 pages. Finally Howard Lewis Ship is interested in joining the project as technical editor. If Howard will be available he will review whether the book covers his vision of Tapestry.

I would like to thank Angelika Ritthaler from Addison Wesley and Christina Rudloff from Manning Publications Co. for making this book real.

Stay tuned!


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