More Tapestry Talks in September

Posted on Mittwoch, 4th August, 2010

It looks like September is going to be a successful Tapestry month. First of all because we are planing to release Tapestry 5.2 in September. Besides that I’ll be speaking on Tapestry three times. As already blogged I’ll be giving a Tapestry talk at Herbstcampus on September 14th. In addition I’ll be speaking on Tapestry at WebAppDays, a conference on web development. The conference takes place in DĂźsseldorf, Germany between 27th and 28th September. The program looks very promising. There will be talks on Dojo, Spring Roo, Grails, GlassFish,  CouchDB and many more. Check out the preliminary program here.

At WebAppDays I’ll be giving two talks on Tapestry. The first one will be an introduction to Tapestry, the second one will be a talk similar to JavaServer Faces 2.0 vs. Tapestry 5 talk I was giving at Jazoon 2010. This time the comparison will be more fun because the JSF part of the talk will be presented by Andy Bosch, a JSF guru in Germany.

I’m looking forward to visit WebAppDays.




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