Summary: Tapestry Talk at eJUG

Posted on Samstag, 6th November, 2010

As posted earlier, I was giving a Tapestry talk at Enterprise Java User Group (eJUG) Austria on November 2nd. This presentation was quite different than most of my Tapestry talks as almost the half of the attendees (around 35 ) had already experience with Tapestry. Quite many attendees have already read my book. I’ve got some feedback from them and even some praise.

I also had a chance to meet some interesting people like Juergen Hoeller and Peter Niederwieser. Before the presentation me, Juergen Hoeller and Martin Ahrer had a lunch. We had a small talk on programming, open source and other stuff. I was quite happy that Juergen attended my Tapestry talk as I wanted to show him Tapestry IoC. Peter Niederwieser is the creator of the spock framework and Groovy committer. He is using Tapestry at his company and had already provided some interesting patches. I’m very happy to have met him. We talked a lot about his framework and I’m very enthusiastic about trying it out (there is a Tapestry integration). I also met Christian Köberl and Kristian Marinkovic, who are working for Porsche Informatic. I know these two guys from the Tapestry community, but never met them in person before.

Meeting a lot of Tapestry folks was a pleasure for me. I enjoyed it very much so that I start thinking about organizing a Tapestry meet-up in 2011. If you are reading this blog and like the idea, just drop me a line.

Many thanks to Martin Ahrer and Juergen Hoeller for inviting me to eJUG. I would love to come again.


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