Call For Reviewers

Posted on Mittwoch, 24th November, 2010

As you probably know currently I’m writing a “Tapestry 5 in Action” book to be published by Manning Publications Co.

Yesterday I had a chat with my contact at Manning. We discussed the further steps which needs to be done before MEAP. Among other things we need 5-10 technical reviewers on a voluntary basis. If you want to participate on the project, just drop me a line. Unless I know you from the Tapestry’s community, please describe your experience with Tapestry. Note that not only experts but also Tapestry newbies are needed. So, feel free to contact me. We will choose the best combination of beginners, advanced users and experts.


  1. Juan Esteban Maya
  2. Leandro Cardoso de Andrade
  3. Jonathan
  4. Igor Drobiazko
  5. Igor Drobiazko
  6. kris
  7. Fatih sahin
  8. Abhi Khaitan
  9. Jörg Bellmann
  10. David
  11. Igor Drobiazko
  12. Manu



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