Tapestry Night at Brussels JUG

Posted on Mittwoch, 9th Februar, 2011

Brussels JUGMy first Tapestry talk in 2011 will take place in Brussels. On February 17th I’ll be speaking on Tapestry at Brussels JUG. This talk is special as it will take 3 hours, from 7 pm to 10 pm. I would say it is more a workshop than a talk. So, if you are located in central Europe and want to learn Tapestry, don’t miss this event.

However, what I’m going to cover in this talk? We will start with an introduction into Tapestry. Having so much time for a talk gives me the possibility for live coding, so you can expect a lot of demos. I will show a lot of source code and will demonstrate the new demo application that I’m currently writing for my Tapestry 5 in Action book.

After the introduction we’ll move forward with a JSF 2.0 vs. Tapestry comparison. This is basically the same talk I was giving at Jazoon 2010.

More details on the Tapestry night are available here. Don’t forget to reserve you seat here. The entry is free.

See you there.



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