Tapestry at CONFESS 2011

Posted on Freitag, 8th April, 2011

Next Tuesday (April 12th, 2011) I’ll be giving the JavaServer Faces 2.0 vs. Tapestry 5 talk at CONFESS 2011 in Viena, Austria. CONFESS is a JEE and JSF conference organized by IRIAN and the eJUG Austria. Initially this conference was named JSFDays and was purely related to JavaServer Faces. Starting from 2009 the organizers added a JEE track. In 2011 the conference has been renamed to CONFESS (Conference For Enterprise Software Solutions).

However, if you take a look at the program, you’ll still will find a bunch of JSG talks. So I expect a lot of JSF users among the conference visitors and hope to meet them in my talk. Looking forward to have an interesting and fair comparison.

The conference program is quite interesting. I’m looking forward to attend the talks by Peter Niederwieser ( Smarter Testing With Spock and Gradle – A Better Way To Build) and Jevgeni Kabanov (Do you really get Memory?).


  1. Igor Drobiazko

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