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Posted on Mittwoch, 4th Mai, 2011

I’m pleased to announce the Tapestry Tools project, which aims to build a Tapestry plugin based on Eclipse Web Tool Platform within the scope of Google Summer of Code 2011. The plugin will be developed by Gavin Lei, who applied as GSoC student at the Apache Software Foundation. Fortunately his project has been accepted and I’ll be mentoring him during SGoC 2011.

GSoC is a global program that offers student developers stipends to write code for various open source software projects. This year three Tapestry based projects has been accepted.

Project Student Mentor
Eclipse WTP based Tapestry visual editor project Gavin Lei Igor Drobiazko
Cross-site request forgery protection for Apache Tapestry Markus Jung Ulrich Stärk
Right Click Menu, grid enhancements and two optional components for the Apache Tapestry5 java web application framework Dragan Sahpaski Kalle Korhonen

The full list of accepted projects is available here.

Although students are expected to start coding at May 23rd, Gavin Lei is already working on delivering the Eclipse plugin for the Tapestry community.  More details on the Tapestry Tools Project are available at the project’s site.

I’m looking to forward to try out a very early version of the plugin.


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  4. Igor Drobiazko
  5. Igor Drobiazko

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