On Tapestry’s Performance

Posted on Dienstag, 14th Juni, 2011

Tapestry claims to be performant and scalable. You want a proof? Than read this great post. The author compares the performance of Rails, Wicket, Grails, Play, Tapestry, Lift, JSP, Context. It is not a surprise that Tapestry outperformed the most of the competitors. Here are the results:

For more details on the benchmark please read the original article.

Two years ago Peter Thomas made a similar comparison and the result was not that good for Tapestry. It seems like two year ago Wicket was ahead of ¬†Tapestry and Grails. But the recent comparison shows that Wicket’s performance is the worst. What could be the reason for such different results? First of all, I believe that Peter Thomas’ comparison was not accurate. Peter is known to be a Wicket lover. When the comparison is made by an unbiased person, then the results look completely different.¬†Another possible reason could be that Tapestry improved in the last two years a lot. Removal of page pooling and other important changes might be the reason for that. However, seeing that Tapestry’s performance just rocks is a satisfaction.


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