Publishing Tapestry 5 in Action Book On My Own

Posted on Freitag, 23rd September, 2011

Some weeks ago I have been informed by Manning Publications that the Tapestry 5 in Action book is canceled. Based on MEAP sales Manning did a sales forecast. It looks like the book is financially not attractive enough.

As you can imagine, this news made me upset. I was working on the book for about 8 month now. The half of the book (almost 250 pages) is already finished and I was looking forward to see the book in a final shape. After the MEAP has been started, I’ve got a lot of positive feedback regarding the book. It looks like the readers like the book’s content very much.

Manning’s decision was more than a surprise for me. After being upset for a couple of days I changed my opinion about Manning’s decision. Now I believe that this cancelation is the best thing that could happen to the book. I decided to publish the book on my own (probably on lulu.com). First of all, it is much more financially attractive for me. Secondly, I’ll be able to publish as many editions as I wish. I can update the book’s content every time a new Tapestry version is released. The only disadvantage is that lulu.com doesn’t provide something like an “early access program” so that the readers will need to wait until the book is finished.

If you was one of the MEAP customers who bought the Tapestry 5 in Action book, there is no reason to be sad. The book is going to be published. I promise you.

Stay tuned!


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